Personal Narrative: My Urban Education Class Observation

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I choose to do my observation at Minnesota Math and Science Academy, my siblings go to this school and I also last semester I did thirty hours observation from my Urban Education class at this same school, so i guess it wasn't hard to get. My observation for this class was really amazing and a good experience, my first time with technology was unexpected, because I always thought Technology was something thats not for me, I'm not much of a tech user, I never had fun with technology,because I always figured it will be hard without even trying first. The School was very welcoming, The Dean of the school welcomed me and introduced me to the teacher I was observing her class , The teacher's name was Ms Hassan , she was very humble and down to earth person, Ms Hassan invited me to her class she was very …show more content…
This class sat on the carpet like the first grade class, and the teacher was using ClassDojo for this class too. Then the teacher start explaining the lesson of the day to the kids, while kids were sitting on the carpet.
The Lesson of the day was creating “ Word Cloud”, Ms Hassan explained the lesson very well and gave the students examples, I liked how the students were enjoying the lesson and they couldn’t wait to create their own Word Cloud. After the students understood the lesson, they go to the computers to do the work. First students go the teachers site, then go to their grade, then do create their own Word Cloud in the site. After the students are done creating their Wordcloud then they print out and take home with them. And the next two classes were the same and had the same lesson plan, and that's how the first part of the day