Personal Narrative: My Writing Style

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My writing style is different to say the least. Obviously everyone has their own learning style, but mine is definitely unique. For as long as I can remember, writing has been an important part of my life. Whenever I was having a bad day or just needed something to do, I would write. I genuinely enjoy writing, so it’s never really anything I have to force myself to do. I write almost every day, whether it’s writing a song, poem, short story, or just journaling about my daily life. The one step in my writing process that never changes is my brainstorming step. I just write down everything that comes to mind, even if I don’t think I can use it. Though this step is often time consuming, this stream of consciousness gives me many angles to use …show more content…
I tend to start writing my rough draft away by forming my ideas from my brainstorming into full sentences. For me, writing is sort of like solving a puzzle. I start out with all the puzzle pieces, having no idea where any of them fit. As I write, I jump around placing the pieces where I think they fit until I have something that makes sense. Chances are that a good number of those sentences won’t, in fact, make sense, but I have more than enough material to work with. Everything I brainstormed earlier eventually finds a home somewhere in my essay. If I happen to be writing a research essay or something that requires sources, I still follow the same steps in regards to brainstorming. I add my sources in at the very last minute to ensure that I actually have details to support them with and their not being used as a crutch.

Once I’ve finished writing my rough draft, I start my editing process. My first step is the run my essay through a website called Paperrater is a free program that checks for signs of plagiarism, grammar and spelling errors, vocabulary and word choice, sentence structure and more. It also gives you a letter grade like a teacher would so you I usually run my essay through the program once, edit based off of it’s recommendations, then run it through a second time. That pretty much covers all of the bases, and I can move
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I focus a lot on details while I’m writing the rough draft so that the steps after that are easier. For this process to even begin, I need to be in the ideal environment. For most people, this includes a quiet, calm workspace and maybe a snack or two. My ideal essay writing environment is anywhere as long as I have music. That may sound hard to believe, but I can be incredibly productive with just a pair of headphones. Anything else in the room like snacks or electronics are distractions that I like to keep out of my workspace. Because of this, I tend to hand write all of my essays first. That way, I know I’m fully focused on writing.

Though my writing process works well for me, there are a few things I could improve on to help me be more successful in the future. As of right now, I don’t generally get another person to read my essays and check for clarity and mistakes, so that could be beneficial. I could also start having a more detailed plan before I start writing. This might help shorten the time I spend