Personal Narrative: Myself As A Writer In A College Class

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Eric Knoll, Writing Sample, ENG 111, 9/1/16

I think of myself as a subpar writer for being in a college class. I never enjoyed writing in school, it never grabbed my attention like other things. My planning stage of writing is, what i think, my strongest part of the writing process. If I got to choose what I would like to improve on the most this semester is the first draft.

In school, english was never my favorite subject. Even though I use almost everything from english class everyday without even thinking of it, it just wasn’t as interesting to me. Maybe it hasn't caught me like other subjects because it just feels so natural to me. None the less, i nearly ever get enjoyment out of writing a paper except knowing that i will not have to work on it anymore.

During the writing process, planning the paper always came to me fairly easy. I could come
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To get all of my thoughts to the page does not flow, it rushes me per say. I don’t have enough time to type them out, to put them into sentences instead of just topics and ideas. When I do finish my first draft, it's hard for me to want to rewrite parts that weren't as I wanted them. I would much rather rephrase something to just get the paper over with then to try to perfect it.

I haven't had too many reasons to write since I've been out of highschool, but i have had some. The only times i write is online forums, which I enjoy. Either i go on forums to ask for help, give help or to discuss a topic. I enjoy this type of writing because it helps me, i feel like i am helping someone, or i have a chance to change someone's stance on a topic.

While writing, it takes me a lot to get all my thoughts on to the paper intime before they seems to disappear. Although prewriting comes to me easily, i still dont enjoy it. My first draft takes the longest out of the writing process which i hope to improve on this