Personal Narrative: Not My Interest In A Basketball Team

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Not My Thing
At an early age, I realized that sports were not my thing. This was a strange concept for many people. Not interested in sports. Living in an area where everything revolves around sports has not been easy. If you are not playing a sport; consequently, what you are doing is not important.
I was five years’ old, and the Boy Scout Leader in the area decided to coach soccer that summer. This was my first glimpse into the sports world -- not impressed.
He asked my parents, “Would Nick like to be on the team.”
My parents automatically said, “Yes. “
They didn’t even discuss it with me. This did bother me. We discussed everything. They just assumed it would be something good for me to do. Get some exercise, be outside in the fresh air, and play with friends. We practiced every Tuesday and Thursday evening in the
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They were amazed. Some people didn’t even recognize me. They thought I was a new kid in the area.
When they realized, it was me “Nick.”
They keep on harassing me, “You need to join the basketball team this year. It would be a great experience.”
I would wonder why sports were a great experience, and not the science club or building something with my hands. I would roll my eyes and say nothing. I said nothing because I didn’t want to be rude. People even stopped my parents in the grocery store, the bank, and post office.
To ask them, “To convince me to join the basketball team.”
My parents would say, “It’s his choice to join and if his heart is not into it. There is no reason for him to be on the team.”
They would say, “He doesn’t know what he wants. You as parents have to make that decision for him.”
I’m thankful my parents didn’t think that way. My parents learned from my soccer experience. From then on, my parents never assumed what was best for me. Participating when it came to sports it had to be my decision. Sports did not interest me. I was more interested in science, history, and