Personal Narrative Of Ludington Michigan State Park

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When you ask someone where they like to go on vacation some may say Cedar Point, a water park, or site seeing in a different state. My idea of a vacation is the sun in my face, the water at my feet, and the camper nearby. But with a family like mine they think camping is boring, so I go with my friends or boyfriend and his family. My boyfriend Jon and his family enjoy going camping and always go to Ludington Michigan State Park and I was exhilarated to tag along with them. After graduation was over we reserved the date for June 13th.
Jon’s family went up to Ludington a day before, leaving me and Jon to travel alone. The drive to Ludington from Melvindale was a four hour long drive, the longest drive I’d take. We began on our journey on a Thursday afternoon and were accepted to arrive by 9 p.m. With nothing by road ahead of us all I could think about was the magnificent sunsets on Lake Michigan that I only seen in pictures. During the ride we spent most of the time listening to music, or entertain ourselves with car games. With two lanes on the highway after we passed Lansing all we saw were trees, trees and the occasional deer followed by more trees. Once we made it closer and closer to Ludington I caught sight of the divine green grassy hills, whiff of fresh air, farms, and the towering wind propellers. I couldn’t believe how lovely the other side of Michigan really is and I wish I didn’t have to go back home. When that happened, I was thinking how I wished my family