Personal Narrative On Fishing

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It was a cold morning in summer, on Saturday on a lake. My father was eating breakfast and I was getting my pole and putting a lure on. I went running to the dock and cast my line right where I wanted it. It felt like 5 hours to get a strike. Then I just started to reel in really slow. I felt some strikes, but I kept reeling in.
My dad came out with his fishing pole and he had a bobber and a hook. He looked at me and saw that I was using a lure, he just looked away and cast. I told him I felt some strikes with the lure i'm using. I cast out again and got some more strikes, but still no fish.
My dad and I decided to go out on the boat. We went to the best fishing place to catch some big fish. I cast out and then I felt a strike I reeled in and the line went still. I thought that there were no fish, but when I reeled in again, I felt a fish on it. I could see the fish, it looked like a 30 foot long animal.And a 300 pound whale. I started to pull the fish up when the line snapped. I was so furious I thought my head was going to explode. I saw the monster swim away.
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I felt some more strikes and I kept on reeling in. When I pulled the lure up my lure was all messed up. “No wonder I wasn't catching any fish” I thought. I fixed my lure and cast out again. My lure was all good. I reeled in and I felt a strike, another, then another. Then I felt my line go down, this one was bigger than any other I have ever caught. This one was a fighter. I told my dad to get the net. He grabbed the smallest net, I told him he needs to get the mega net. I pulled the fish up and there he was slashing around. I unhooked him and held him up to take a picture with him. I decided to name him, his name will be Fish-bob. Fish-bob was so long, he was as big as a giant. Fish-bob was a bass. Fish-bob was one of the biggest fish I have ever