Personal Narrative On High School Shootings

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I always dreaded waking up everyday at 6 a.m. to get ready for school. On February 29th, I woke up and felt terrible and I almost asked my father if I could stay home. Before I asked him, I remembered we were going to have a party in the kindergarten class I tutored for; I could not miss that. When I got to school, I was waiting until lunch to go to the party in my kindergarten room. I was working on my math when our school secretary came on the speaker and yelled “Lockdown, the building is on lockdown.” My class followed lockdown protocol: out of sight, doors locked, lights out. While I was sitting in the corner, an ambulance sped by the window. I then received a text from my friend saying, “I hope you’re okay, shots were fired. I’m coming to pick you up.” I showed my teacher the text and immediately started crying. …show more content…
I never thought my family would be calling me and asking if I was still alive. On a day that only comes around every four years, that all changed. Sometimes, as kids and teenagers, we see, hear and remember things that we should not. The day of the shooting at my high school yanked me into adulthood before I was ready. With my little sisters being in the cafeteria where it happened, I immediately felt like it was my job to protect them. The days that would follow would show me how important it was to be strong and mature to help my sisters through this. My transition from adulthood did not come when I was 18 moving into a college dorm or graduating from high school, it came at 17 when I had to help my sisters face the scariest thing that will ever happen to