Personal Narrative: Pursuing A Career In Law Enforcement

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At a time in my life I thought I knew what I would be. However, throughout the years life has shown me that what I thought was certain is now uncertain. Last year I realized that I no longer wanted to pursue a career in nursing which had been the plan all of my life. I realized that a career in Law Enforcement was the right career path for me. The change from nursing to law enforcement was made certain due to my father’s career, rising crime rates, and the opinions of my family.

I decided on this career path when I found out what my father’s job was really about. He not only does his job which is very serious and dangerous in society today but he also knows how to have fun while at work. Although being a police officer has its bad days it does have good days, my father has
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My family has been through plenty of days that my father goes to work with the thought for if something were going to happen while on duty. Their opinion means more to me then anything in the world, I most definitely do not want to go out there and think of the worst but then again there are too many crimes out there and not enough police officers. Everyone’s family is going to worry in some way whether it be about the career path you choose or life decisions. Becoming a police officer or a nurse was a decision that I could and would not have decided on if it was not for my families opinion. In conclusion, life has truly changed my views on my career. At one point in life I was completely certain that I would be a nurse and I would do that for the rest of my life, but when I found out what a police officer could do my career path changed. Having a job in law enforcement was one of my choices that could change my life for the good but nursing could do the same but I knew that law enforcement was right for me. Law enforcement may be hard but it definitely will be a career that I will never