Personal Narrative: Pursuing My American Dream

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Every man, woman, and child in this country has the right to The American Dream. To life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Until now, no one in my family sought their dream. Women are expected to get married and have kids. The men are supposed to work. My family believes that because we were born in the middle class, we were forced to stay there. But I believe in progress, in moving forward and chasing my dreams. My older brother and I mark the first generation of kids in my family to go to school. Because my mother wasn't prepared for this there was no “college fund” for either of us.

My brother broke ties with my mother and I and sought out financial help from our biological father. A courtesy that was not extended to me. So instead,
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Sadly, another student used my weakened state as an opportunity to take advantage of me sexually. This has left me emotionally scarred for life. It was hard to leave my room on most days, my social life became non-existent, and my grades were horrible.

When winter vacation started, I decided I needed to do something. I did what seven other girls at my university couldn't handle doing. I went through a full Title IX investigation. It was an emotional roller coaster spanning from mid-December until the end of June.

I chose to let this student stay at my school. I didn't want his past mistakes to damage his future career. For me, this meant I could still run into him, and send myself into a panic attack any day. This did happen a lot during the fall of my sophomore year. After all, we were studying the same thing. With my sophomore year came one major unknown illness. I couldn't take time off to seek medical help, because it puts my color guard scholarship in jeopardy, so I stayed in school trying my best to study and get good grades. It wasn't working. When summer came I could hardly eat or breathe and ended up getting throat surgery, leaving me bedridden for a
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I ended up on crutches for the entire fall semester. Once again, I missed classes. This time the professors were very quick to help me stay up-to-date on assignments and materials. GIMM is a small program, so the professors are like family. There's a 70% drop-out rate for my discipline because very few students meet the expectations of the professors.

I have chosen to do my very best in this program because I see myself continuing to create cutting-edge technology for my future career. My grades have drastically improved, and so has my happiness. I went from averaging a 2.0 every semester to averaging a 3.0 and then a 3.4. While my overall GPA is only a 2.675, it's higher than the 2.1 I had.

I am the American Dream. Through hardships, mental and physical injury, I haven't lost sight of one day getting into the workforce to be the best in the technology field. To stay on track, and keep getting better grades, I've chosen to stop participating in color guard. To solely focus on my academics. With this scholarship, it'll help me further my academic career with less of a financial burden on myself through work and loans. So please, help me pursue my American