Personal Narrative Report

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on a cold winter day me johnny robert and cody was at the civivc center in charleston west virginia. somethingn happen that knocked us out and whenwe came towe seen everyone was killing eachother. we ran to the dorr but people was blocking it so we grabbed a weapon and killed them. when we got outside the world was falling apart everyone was killing each other,buildings were falling down and planes,trains were crashing everywhere. cody and robert went one way me and johnny went the other. me and johnny found a gun store with someone in it,we broke down the door and we found someone named malachi. malachi locked himself in there so nobody could find him we all got guns and other weapons.

Cody and robert was surrounded by people we showed up just in time. we went to codys house and got the jeep we put armor on it like bullet proof glass and tires.we drove for days when we made it to sisionville we seen a bomb. we tried to run but someone blew the jeep up it was cody he pulled out a gun and tried to kill us but he only had one bullet he shot robert in the chest. cody ran
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he ran in the woods and i chased him i couldnt find him. i walked through the woods and he tackled me we fought until someone in a truck drove into cody and slammed him in a was johnny he got out and we tied cody up and let him die there.we went back to the house and started to buld everything everyone helped clean up. cody was dead no more killing we finally got it cleaned up. 5 days later someone knocked on the door it was malachi he put a gun to his head and shot himself we had a funeral for him.after we got everything built me and johnny went our diffrent ways till this day me and him still talk. a year later me and johnny went to see if there was a body we seen dead animals but no one was one the tree. we turned around and cody was there holding a