Personal Narrative-Sacrifice

Words: 911
Pages: 4

I grinned in anticipation. I had been planning this for months. We’d finished distributing the antidote to the Eastern Commonwealth and now almost all of the American Republic. We were finally going to the one place I’d wanted to go ever since getting arrested.
New York City.
While I was in prison, I had planned it all out. I would park the Rampion in a hangar just outside of the city and get an apartment in the center of the city, as close to the best clubs as possible.
I had never taken into account a girl. An amazing, wonderful girl that I was in no way going to leave behind.
So over the past few months, I had been planning something else for New York. Something we could do together.
We obviously couldn’t stay here yet, but I wanted to introduce her to the life I wanted us to
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She learned the first time we were in the cold, that she was not suited for going outside in harsh environments.
I smirked as she struggled with the large box she was attempting (and failing) to carry.
“Need some help, Sunshine?” I asked.
“I’ve got it,” she grumbled. She stumbled the last few steps to the distribution center for the cure.
I groaned internally as I realized how long this would take. It was possibly the most boring process in the world. We give them the cure, they thank us profusely, and they make us tell stories about the Revolution. Usually I just make Cress do all the talking while I smile and nod but actually just zone out. Today was even worse than usual. I was excited for what was about to happen, I nearly jumped out of my seat when we were about to leave.
Cress giggled. “Why are you so jumpy today?” I tried to slow my pace and act natural.
“Nothings wrong. There’s just something I want to show you. Cress got a worried look on her face. I smirked.
“Oh, relax, beautiful. Just come with me.”
“Thorne, are you sure this is alright? This seems dangerous,” Cress asked nervously. I tried to hide my smile as I laced up her