Personal Narrative-Sacrifice For Murder

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“Other than a full-blown assault on us from U.A.C.T.?” he said. “There’s many reasons why we can’t go out and take what we want. The first being, once we do slaughter an innocent, the temptation to consume their flesh right then and there would be too great for even the strongest of us. We would end up ingesting the meat right on the spot, and we would end up just like Elliot, Jeff, and Calvin. And, the person who we had killed would also end up that way, resulting in the flesh in which we wanted to harvest from them being ruined. “It would also start an outbreak, as you know. One would become two, two would become four and so on… If, it didn’t spread out of control too fast, then the authorities wouldn’t hesitate to put us all down. …show more content…
“They’re bad news and you’ll either end up like Elliot, Jeff, and Calvin, or you’ll end up with a bullet between the eyes.” “I will,” I told him. “I just want to find Anna and make sure she’s all right. Then we’re finished with this stuff, it’s not right, and we don’t need it.” “When you find Anna, get her out of Iowa for a while,” Freddie then responded, and I, of course, asked why. “She liable to have the cravings for some time,” Freddie answered. “She’s not new to flesh and her withdrawal may have her on the verge of insanity. But, I bet your real problem will be convincing her to even leave with you, you know how strong-willed she is. And, you also better start figuring out a way of settling up her debt with Southside.” “How much does she owe?” I asked. “A lot,” Freddie replied. “North of 50K, and that’s why she’s turning tricks for the Alliance, being their little errand girl. She’s trying to earn her way out of debt with Southside Jimmy, but he keeps raising his rates with her knowing she’ll pay, knowing flesh has a hold of