Personal Narrative: Shadowing A Caregiver In The Future

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Over the summer, I started to think about what I wanted to do for my senior project. At first I thought of shadowing a realtor because I was thinking in the future that I wanted to invest in real estate. I decided to not go with that option because it was difficult to get a hold of someone so that I could accomplish this project. Then I chose to shadow a caregiver because my mom is in the business. I was thinking that I could be a caregiver in the future because I can really see myself doing this as a career.
The steps I took to plan my project were first deciding what I wanted to do for my project. Then I decided on care giving and I met my mentor Lindsee when my family and I started going to church. Over the summer, I was hanging out with Lindsee and we starting talking about what she did for a living. I started to think maybe I should ask her to be my mentor because I wanted to see what it would be like to pursue this career in the future. So I asked Lindsee if she wanted to be my mentor and she said yes. The next step I took was talking to my mentor about what a typical day is like when she is with her clients. Next I went with my Lindsee to her job.
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When we got their Lindsee asked her client if she wants food and the client says yes. So then Lindsee goes in the kitchen gets her food warms it up if she needs to warm. Then Lindsee gives the client the food and the client eats it. The client when they are done will watch TV for a while. Then the client will get tired and want to get up and go to the their bed. Then Lindsee and I watched tv until the client woke up. The client usually slept for 1 to 2 hours. Lindsee would help the client out of the bed and help the client to the living. So the client could watch so more TV. Depending on how long the client sleeps. Lindsee stays at the client's house until 4 o’clock. Then she clocks out and go home. I have made no changes to my