Personal Narrative: Soccer And My Story

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My favorite sport is soccer and my story starts when I was about five years old. I started soccer at a rec level in the city of Westminster. I started as a kid who always stayed by the goal and liked to defend and not attack at all.
The next year I remember was when I was eight years old I got a little better then I was back then. I started to make friends on my new rec team. By the end of the season I was the best defender and fastest on my team.
The next season I started to play indoor during the off season I became really connected to this team called the bears. At the end of the indoor season my parents asked if I could be on their regular season team. I made the team so all i had to do was wait.
When the next season came around I was
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I was playing center back. In the first half we looked go in the first thirty seconds, then we started to fall apart. The ball was always in the back there besides the occasional time when we gave the ball to Calvin up top to maybe score a goal. After our first game we lost 10 to 1. We had all of our games like that till we came to the final regular season game. We played Cheyenne, I started at right striker and my job was to get the ball up the field with my speed then give it to Calvin who would use his crazy soccer skills to score. At the end of the first half I had 5 assists. Then when the game was over I had 9 assists and it was our only win in the regular season and i was our best win.
When the end of the season tournament rolled around we thought we would get killed just like we did in the regular season. When the tournament started me got killed. During the second game I was defending the goal from a corner at the top of the box I jumped to block the ball and got smacked in the face i went down bleeding, during that I hit the ground and everything got a little black then when i was down on the side line they asked me if I was dizzy I was a little they had me pulled out of the game and they did all this concussion testing. In the end I was over but still