Personal Narrative: Student Leadership In High School

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When I entered high school, I only had the small dream of becoming a leader in the student body at my high school. However, I never could have anticipated the amount of involvement I would have in student leadership not only in my school, but also in my local area and my state. I now serve as not only a member of the Sartell High School Student Council, but also as President of both the Central Minnesota Association of Student Councils (CMASC) and the Minnesota Association of Student Councils (MASC). The journey that got me to where I am today was one that taught me many lessons, enriched my high school experience, and has influenced my goals by drawing me towards leadership fields and boosting my confidence for the future. As an underclassman at Sartell High School, I was a shy and quiet person who just did what he was told and not much else. However, my student council advisor, Mrs. Fredrickson, saw potential for me to become a great leader, and asked me to run for a CMASC Executive Board position as a sophomore. I thought about this for a very long time, but in the end, I decided to take advantage of this opportunity and run for Central Division Delegate-at-Large. Although I won the election easily since I ran against no one else, I did discover that I was able to convince others to vote …show more content…
I now have aspirations to major in, among other things, political science or international relations. These fields would allow me to continue being a leader and making an impact on the world around me. However, these are just two of many careers that I am considering for my future. Although I may be undecided on what I want to do in the time to come, what I do know is that I now have confidence in my future and believe that with whatever I do, I will be successful and make a positive impact on the world around