Personal Narrative: Student Self-Evaluation For Mrs. Freedman

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Student Self-Evaluation for Mrs. Freedman
I had you for Honors English III and received a grade of 91.
I believe the best piece of work I did for your class was the Thematic Research Paper because I read an interesting novel, Dracula, and successfully wrote an advanced-style paper, which got a high “A”.
I have two favorite memories from your class. The first was when we started The Catcher in the Rye. I remember hearing people talk negatively about it and I expected myself to also hate it. In reality, the book is now one of my all-time favorite novels. I related to Holden tremendously and I remember you saying the same. The other favorite memory was when we started the Shakespeare unit and learned about his life and work. I have always been
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I never considered myself a strong writer and that belief was proven by the first few essay assignments you gave out. However, by writing the magical words, “Comments, please!” on my paper, I eventually learned and improved dramatically.
The three characteristics that best define me are intelligent, supportive, and benevolent. I have gotten “A’s” in every class except for one, an 89 in Pre-Calculus. I love helping and that is demonstrated through my participation in numerous organizations, such as Key Club. I am benevolent because I do not like negativity. I always treat people fairly, kindly, and equally. I don't like to judge others and I always promote peace.
What distinguishes me from my peers is I am more open-minded. I am always willing to hear and understand other people’s opinions. For example, during the debate our class had for The Catcher in the Rye, I strongly believed Holden was not a masochist. However, instead of getting angry at people who believed otherwise, I listened to what they had to say and understood where they were coming from. It is very easy for me to see the world in other people’s point of views and accept that not everyone will share my