Personal Narrative: The After Death Of Doodle

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The After Death of Doodle I was sitting there, at his funeral. Doodle was looking as dead as he looked sitting at that tree. I was just staring at that lifeless body trying not to tear up. My parents believe that he had a heart attack, but I always believed it's my fault. It was my fault I ran away from him. My parents are hugging me and telling me that it's okay to cry but I know deep down inside, it’s all my fault. It was raining on the way home. We buried Doodle right next to the scarlet ibis we found. My parents disagreed at first but I knew he would’ve wanted it. When we entered the house we ate our dinner in silence, all of knew what we were thinking about. I am 12 years old and I killed my own brother. I couldn’t take not telling my …show more content…
We saw something but we were both too tired to care about it. Then it hit us, literally, another car rammed straight into us causing me to fly out of the car and onto the road. I felt as if Doodle did this to me, he wanted or needed to get revenge on me somehow so he left me there, on the road for hours. Nobody saw us because nobody had cars. I couldn't see mother because it was suddenly very hard to move anything. I knew it, I was dying. I lay there thinking to myself, just end me please I can’t bare to live right now anymore.
It felt like hours until somebody showed up. His car was like ours and he was shocked by what he saw. He began to get out and look at the scene.
He found me and told me, “Don’t worry kid everything’s gonna be fine.”
“Who are you?” I thought I asked but soon realized that I couldn't get anything out.
Soon cops showed up and then ambulances. The took me away from the crash and sent me to a hospital. The guy decided to leave right as I showed up so I was all alone in that ambulance. We were driving so fast I felt sick. Then I began to see things. I swear I saw Doodle right next to me, staring at me in a way like he knew I would be fine. Everything went