Personal Narrative: The Bagel Run

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It is about three in the afternoon and I’m sitting at the summit of Half-Dome in Yosemite eating my third bagel of the day. Spread out around me are the other Camp Tawonga campers, resting on their backpacks with their shoes off, giving blistered feet a small moment of relief. We have been up since four in an attempt to complete a marathon distance hike, which included the terrifying scramble up wooden planks attached to a granite dome that lead to our current resting spot, 9,000 feet above sea level. Thinking about my aching legs, I remember that the climb down is said to be more stomach churning than the course up, and I’ll probably have to eat another two bagels before our group makes it all the way back to camp. When I turn to look at my friend, we both have to laugh at the dirt, and tear streaks, coating our cheeks. This event, affectionately dubbed The Bagel Run, marked a social maturity, a characteristic of transitioning to adulthood.
From a young age, I was someone who would be described as independent. I liked to dress
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I participated in the Girls Who Code summer program where I was part of a group that developed an application to connect leftover or “ugly” food with people living in food deserts of San Francisco, as well as the UC Berkeley Bioengineering Competition, where my team designed a hearing aid that can drastically reduce background noise. At the time, I had very little biology knowledge and instead used my experience with physics to design the circuitry. Collaboration between people with completely different skills became even more apparent during these projects, I was able to trust in the skills of my teammates in order to confidently present a final product. Learning to be comfortable not immediately knowing the answer to every problem is my greatest marker of