Personal Narrative: The Boating Program

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I am alone with tears running down my face when I hear the cabin door open. I look up and see my counselor staring back at me. I stop what I am doing and just sit on her bed for a second without saying anything.
Tearfully, I manage to express, “I have just ruined ten years of my life.” Every summer for ten years, I have dedicated myself to my camp’s boating program. As I sit on her bed with only hours left until my time in the program ends, I convince myself I am incapable of passing everything in the program.
I patiently sit as my tears stream and my counselor reassures me: “Nobody wants you to fail. This program has been around for over eighty years and nobody at your level has ever failed.”
I laughed through my tears and said that “someone
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My watch alarm rings. I sit in my bunk bed and realize I only have a few hours left to prove that my decade of dedication has been worth it. At six o’clock. I hear another watch alarm ring. My counselor gets up out of her bed, and we start walking down to the boat docks in our