Personal Narrative: The Change In The Mist

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The Change in the Mist Throughout most of my life I have only ever lived in one place in the State of Arizona, it's a small little city known as Surprise. Now, fresh out of high school, I have made the decision to move to the City of Phoenix. I have lived in the small city of Surprise for fifteen years. I moved in at the age of three with my dad, and shortly after with my mom, and had recently relocated to Phoenix with both of my parents this past year at the age of eighteen. Compared to Surprise, to me moving to Phoenix is a very big change, and is very different than what I am used to. There are many different surroundings, such as businesses and restraunts. As well as different people, and I can feel the difference in the enviroments of …show more content…
Because of the size and the placements of the neighborhoods, it was easy to make friends. Not only were you going to school, or living near them, you always got to meet some interesting people. It is very easy to become a regular at places and most of the time the workers start to befriend the customers, and the customers start to take notice on when there was a change to the enviroment which makes great communication starters between the two individuals. Nonetheless everyone is friendly to one another, which was very conforting. But since my move to Phoenix, i've had to get used to the idea that things have now changed and that I now have to get used to those changes in my life. I realize that the changes I must now face are just a beginnng to a new story in my life, which also means new people. In being just eighteen, and becoming a freshman in college, I have come to realize that I have left everyone I knew behind. But, to me that's okay, because I have met some interesting people already. Even though it's only my first semester in college, everyone that i've met has already made some sort of impact on my life, my professors, even some students around campus. But it's not just on campus where i've met interesting people.My neighbors have also taken on an