Personal Narrative: The Day Oma Changed My Life

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As predicted, after Noke returned to California, our life in Overschie returned to normal, Oma continued to work at the milk factory, Mom followed her own daily productive routine and Ellen and I went to school and played with friends, oblivious to how the emotional set-backs of a divorce and the death of a daughter and sister effected them. My sister and I had a grand time riding our bikes, flying our home made kites, rollerskating, and playing hide-and-seek, we were active kids, had endless fun and when Dad came to visit, it was my favorite time of all, all was right in my world when I was in my father’s arms. Once a week, Mom brought us to the great market in Rotterdam to do the shopping, occasionally Fiq met us for lunch or at the …show more content…
Although Oma was loving and attentive, she was listless, as if a light had gone out in her soul, I do not know how else to describe it. Nevertheless, when we were among family and friends, Oma was more like she was before Aasje’s death, maybe she felt that she had to be, for their sake. Spending time with Prul, her dearest friend, was Oma's favorite pastime, therefore, we visited her regularly, often spending the week-end at her home. Oma was comfortable and eager sharing her deepest feelings with Prul, they were extremely close at heart. It was during one of those visits, when Prul proudly announced that her daughter Ina and Eddie Jonathans were recently married, moreover, the newly weds applied for immigration to the United States! Meanwhile, as they waited for their Immigration Quota Numbers which would allow them to proceed with the immigration process, Eddie and Ina lived with Prul and her bother Oom Boom; (a nickname meaning Uncle Tree, since Prul's brother was as slender and tall as a tree). Stunned and surprised by hearing the exciting news about Eddie and Ina, Evie was deeply interested and wanted to know every single detail about