Personal Narrative: The Diverse Childhood Experience Model

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During my time at YAP, I also worked with two clients, Malakai and Neveah, who are siblings. One week I took them to the YMCA in Lebanon to go swimming and to play basketball. They were very excited and explained that they are not allowed to play outside because their mother thinks that it is not safe in Lebanon. After more time with them they also gave me background on their family. They described how they both had different fathers, who were both in and out of jail for selling drugs and DUIs. They also said how they both had several older and younger siblings who also had different parents. They described how they hardly see their fathers because of their jail time and because of their mom’s current before. Regardless of their home life the children ere very excited about getting out of the house. …show more content…
It seems to be that the children are very fearful of their environment and they see YAP as safe place in their community. The adverse childhood experience model best describes the view the children have on life. From hearing about their home life and the experiences that they have had the ACE scoring tool would be very high in the areas of abuse, violence, divorce, and family problems. These children have experience different types of trauma that has left long lasting affects such as mistrust in people that they should be able to hold accountable. Even though these children did not go into great depth on their personal life, the vague stories that they told is enough to account for the amount of fear and distrust they had developed for their