Personal Narrative: The Ideology Of American Culture

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The dominant ideology of American Culture is approval. Approval dictates the actions taken by individuals in a society, whether they are aware of it or not. My actions are what have made me into the person that I am today. I believe that approval has affected my actions towards education, shopping, and Social life. My educations is what I cherish most in life and I strive to learn the most that I possibly can in life to seek approval from my parents. Both of my parents moved to the United States when they were teens and have struggled to adapt to American culture for the many years. The english language served as a barrier that they believed they would never overcome. In order to change their mentality of the United States, I attempt to take advantage of my education to share what I have learned with them. The constant need for approval and assistance from my parents has pushed me to achieve the unthinkable in my …show more content…
The several generations of Iphones and various Apple products have taken the attention many individuals. I have fallen victim to this growing trend in order to gain approval from everyone around me. My two oldest sisters were the first to obtain an apple Watch in the family. While making it an effort to show them off to every person they came across, the futuristic new Watch caught my attention. After seeing my sisters with the new Apple product, I began to notice that almost everyone around me was wearing the new Apple Watch. My need of approval from my sister and the people around me began to grow and later caused me to shop for the new Apple Watch. This situation with the Apple Watch later caused changes in my shopping patterns. I began to notice more items that people had that I felt I should get to gain their approval. I attempt to control the urge to fall for this dangerous cycle of shopping to seek approval now that I am more aware of the approval that is necessary in my