Personal Narrative: The Impacts Of My Life

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What are some impacts on your life, would they give you a good reputation or a bad one. I’ve had many impacts on my life, some are good, some are bad. We all have had our bad days and our good days, our up’s and down’s, but the only thing that changes the bad days for me is coming home to see my family. Some impacts of my life that I have written about being my parents getting divorced, getting baptized, and going to my first Major League Baseball game. My family has been with me through my whole journey, to this day.

It was tough for me at one point in my life. I heard my parents arguing, and yelling at each other, then my parents decided to get a divorce. At first I did not know what was going on or what a divorce even is, then my brother told me it was when your parents go their separate ways. My father had to move to an old
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My family and I were going to go home the next morning; we decided to go the day after to enjoy the nice California weather. I went to the beach, I went to see the temple, and got to go to the Midway Aircraft Carrier. It was about five o’clock when we were done with all that , so we went and enjoyed the pool in the hotel. My mom called everyone back up and told them to get dressed to go out for dinner. We were walking to dinner and passed the field again, giant line, there was a giant line so I figured that there was a game tonight. I asked my mom where she was going when she turned towards the field, she did not reply, then she pulled out tickets for the game and we all got to go in. The game did not start yet, but I was getting hungry. We had great seats, and a great view from where we were sitting. I looked over at my mom and she was talking to some lady with an apron on and straws in her pocket, kind of like a waitress. A few minutes later she came back out with food for all of us, that really surprised me because there are forty thousand people that need to be