Personal Narrative: The Influence Of Max On Social Media

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I was 15 years old when I met Max on social media. We were both runners, and he offered me advice on how to improve my running. We talked through social media and texting because Max lived out of state. Soon, Max began to visit me when he was in town so we could meet up and talk about sports. My mom asked me questions about Max and invited him to church with us, to make sure we were just friends.
Max was older and knew so much more than me, and before I knew it, I was sneaking off to see him. I would disappear for hours at a time, always telling my mom I was with friends. This went on for a while. Max would take me to Austin and Houston, and always told me to keep it a secret from my mom; he even sent me prepaid credit cards and a phone, so I could call him without my mom knowing. It was so exciting, and then we were both arrested for indecent exposure. A police officer caught us while we were parked in Max’s car in the parking lot of a Wal-Mart.
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I ran away in October of 2016, to see Max. The police found me and brought me home, but I still needed to be with Max, so I bought a one-way airline ticket to be with him. Somehow my mom found out about the airline ticket and picked me up from school one day unexpectedly. She and I drove to Del Rio, to visit my dad. The entire time we were on the road, I was texting Max and he was on his way to Del Rio to get me. When we got to Del Rio, I ran away to meet Max, but the police found me and brought me back to my mom. I ran away again, and this time Max was waiting for me. The police caught us before we could leave Del Rio, and Max was arrested and went to