Personal Narrative: The Love For The Game

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The Love for the Game I have grown up playing soccer which has become a true passion for me. Being on the field is a moment where I feel like I’m in my own little world. The smell of the freshly cut, green grass is a scent that I will always remember. It’s a sport where it is played in the summer, under the blazing sun which is usually as hot as an oven. Hearing the crowd cheer for my team makes me realize that I am truly a part of something. Those first road trips I took with my team were experiences that I will remember for the rest of my life. That taste of my first goal with the cold, windy breeze blowing through my hair is a memory that I still get chills thinking about it. Opening up those soft but silky new pair of soccer cleats is an unforgettable moment when I first laid my glistening eyes upon them. Sometimes I feel there is a glow to them where as I am not sure if they’re actually glowing, or in my mind they are through happiness. Looking around as I’m on the field, I usually take a moment to take a glimpse of my surroundings. I see my teammates who I’ve grown up with most of them, the audience cheering us on, and my family supporting me no matter what I do. This makes me realize how lucky I truly am. To play a sport that I truly love with close friends and supportive family is something that I will always cherish. My father is from Scotland which is their national sport so he has a passion for the game like me. It is a way that we have bonded for years. We