Personal Narrative: The Nutcracker Ballet

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For a moment, I thought that I was in a fairy tale. My eyes gazed with wonder at the tall dancer leaping around the studio in a large circle. To me, she was perfection with her beautifully extended legs and feet, and the look of pure happiness on her face. As the dance of the soldier doll blared over the speakers, I made a promise to myself: one day I am going to be like her, no matter how hard I have to work to get there. It was during 2010, my first year performing in The Nutcracker Ballet, that I made that promise to myself. My journey began with me in a black leotard, pink tights, and a number pinned to my chest, as I walked into the large open studio that seemed like a foreign planet to me. As we began the audition, I realized that nobody …show more content…
Lively music blared through the speakers, which set the scene for a festive Christmas party. Even though almost everyone was sweating and working hard, each person radiated the spirit of the holidays. As I watched, I intently analyzed how each performer executed the steps perfectly, yet made it look effortless. However, one dance had always stuck out in my mind: the dance of the soldier doll. It began as the powerful music swelled, and my attention was drawn across the room to what gave me the impression of an energetic robot. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the Drosslemyer, a wizard-like character with magical abilities, act as if he was controlling the dancer with magic. I was bewildered about how she was able to take on the persona of an inanimate object, yet become alive and captivate the audience. Quickly, I found myself in a trance-like state as my eyes locked onto the graceful ballerina with outstretched muscular legs as she leaped around the perimeter of the room. From that point forward, I made it my goal to become the soldier