Personal Narrative: The Race Of My Life

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The Race of My Life documents Hermann Maier’s journey back to professional skiing after almost losing a leg in a motorcycle accident. Before the accident, Maier is a highly motivated athlete, training for his second Olympic Games and is ready to defend his gold medals from the last Games. To Maier the only important things in life were skiing in the Olympic Games and bring home medals for his country. As a professional athlete, Maier is no stranger to injury, but this injury changes his life forever. The accident doesn’t just leave physical scars, but emotional ones as well. Maier must overcome many physical and mental obstacles before he can return to the sport he loves. There has been an abundant amount of research about how elite athletes handle severe injuries that could end their careers. An article by Leddy, Lambert & Ogles (1994), showed evidence that suggests high-level athletes are vulnerable to emotional reactions following injury, including increase in depression and anxiety and reduced self-esteem, …show more content…
His first race back he said: “My racing instinct had been reawakened. I was hypermotivated and was almost back to feeling superior, like the year before (Maier p. 162).” His motivation to be the best pushed him to never give up through the whole rehabilitation process. There are many set back in Maier recovery but he remains positive and trusts in the process and his team of coaches. As a new ski season starts Maier starts to slip back into a depression because it is coming clear he won’t be ready for the Olympics. Heini suggested they head to a warmer climate to continue Maier’s rehabilitation. Maier reluctantly trust Heini and goes. As soon as they are away from the snow Maier’s depression subsides and he is more motivated than ever. The motivation that made him a good athlete before the accident helped push him through depression and back to