Personal Narrative: The Softball Field

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As the softball fields begin to glow and the mountains dance with fire teams’ fight to win it all. It’s on fields like those that started me on my journey to learning something I thought I already knew.
I was playing with my softball team in St. George and we were projected to win the whole tournament. We had found our rhythm and were playing especially well in my last game. We were up by quite a bit when I came up to bat. The pitcher wound up and threw an outside strike to me. I hit it and made it to second base. While I was on second base my coach gave me the sign to try and steal third base. I did it, but the ball was there before I was. So not only did I get out, I got in a fight with third base and lost. When I slid into the base I slid just a little too late. My right foot hit the base and my metal cleat caught, but my body kept going. I figured that I had rolled my ankle, but no one thought that it was that awful. Once I had limped back to the dugout my ankle started to swell up really fast, and it became so painful that it hurt to even move. We went to the doctor and found out that I had sprained the ligaments in my ankle. The doctor then gave me a boot and told me to wear it for two weeks and not to do
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It should have been easy to watch everyone run until they were sick and beat up and bruise their bodies going after a loose ball. I soon found that that wasn’t the case. I wanted to be out there running with my team and killing myself trying to beat out the girl next to me in a pyramid. I wanted more than anything to show my coaches that I belonged out there, but I couldn’t… And it was killing me. So instead I did everything I could to be a part of the team in another way. I ran the score board, I filled up water bottles, I did the book on the games, and anything else that anyone needed help with. I worked to become a part of the team in a new way, but it was never the