Personal Narrative: The Sport Of Pom

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For most, Pom is an unfamiliar sport, often confused with cheer, for me it is all I have ever known. Before joining my pom team I was just like everyone else, unsure of what the sport pertained of, now I could give almost a thousand different explanations of what Pom is and what it takes to be a pom girl. When I first began the sport I had no idea what I was getting myself into, I had only been on a little league cheer team before trying out for the first time, and I was shocked at how much a one minute routine took out of me. Looking back to my first experience, I wouldn’t change a thing. Nothing in my life has ever felt so rewarding to me than pom.

I have given so much of myself to pom that it has become a part of me. Plenty of time and hard work goes into perfecting and competing with a routine, and I
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Being able to work together and collaborate on ideas and choreography with a team of girls who share the same goal is a feeling like no other. After being on a team with these girls for a while Pom becomes more than just a sport, it is a get away. Pom is a home away from home, a sweaty home away from home. When I walk into practice I know why I am there and what I have to work for, leaving all other problems behind me. Everyone deserves a chance to get away from their problems and work hard with a group of people they love to be around, which is what makes this sport so special. There is a small amount of people who can say they genuinely love the sport they are involved in, luckily for me, I feel that love every day. Having spent so many hours a week at Pom it has taught me things about myself that I would have never discovered anywhere else. It has taught me the importance of communication, teamwork, dedication, time management, persistence, etc. With these valuable characteristics I am able to transform into a better me and take on the world outside of