Personal Narrative: The United Parcel Service

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Beginning of June
I decided that it would be a good idea to get a job, so I applied to Giant. A day or so later I thought about applying to Karns, but instead I searched “warehouse Jobs” because I assumed they would be more interesting that being a grocery cashier. To my surprise United Parcel Service (UPS) was hiring package handlers at an entry level. So, I applied and was surprised to see that they were willing to interview a 17 year old with no work experience.
A week or so later, I went to UPS for a tour and interview. The Human Resource employee gave me and a few others a tour, then interviewed us individually. I remember a chill running down my spine as I approached my job interview, I told him I was interested in logistics and plan
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The process did not change I was asked to go back to the same UPS to receive a tour and interview. However, to my surprise this was a different HR. After the tour, I headed in for my interview, again, with a chill down my spine. I had mentioned that I was still in high school and that I was currently taking a college class which could create a conflict (at some point before this the Human Resource women commented on my shirt and asked a few questions about it). Then out of thin air, they asked me “what major do you plan taking in college?” and “where do you plan on attending college?” I had said, “I plan to study Supply Chain and Business Management at Penn State University”. To my surprise they somehow seemed impressed with me. Then they asked me “and you applied to be a package handler?” to which I replied, “Yes, I was hoping that I could work an entry level job at a massive logistics hub to gain some of the knowledge and experience necessary to one day run and own my own logistics company.” Somehow, still impressed with me, they asked, “what made you so interested in logistics anyways?” and I replied, “When I was little my father was part-owner of a logistics company in the Mid-West and he would take me to these massive warehouses. Each and every time I went I was filled with