Personal Narrative-The Zombie Cheerleaders

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The zombie cheerleaders
I was kind was happy and sad at the time that it was over. And they it was was my only spot light I get. And then my couch came it told my I kill it out here. And she was so happy I landed on my feet instead of my knees. I was also proud of myself.
I pit was big outside it was was even bigger inside it was colorful like red and blue they have flags coming out on the wall and I seen the cheerleaders posters on the wall.And they have a snack bar and a it was bright lights. It was a lot of people sitting on the beaches. Half my family was here it was my 4 sisters Amanda, Candace,Timblery Betty and my 2 brothers, Duck and Nick, and my Grandparents.My nieces were there too. My 3 best friends my was are ready on on the team Sam,Salip,Hannah just then.
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Then We did a around off then the song came on by ChinaMcclain monster calling. we have colorfully light and fog everywhere and her makeup was on point. I was in the air then they down and I land and the guys arms I seen my sister Amanda recording me it was almost my part my 3best friends was smiling at me.
Finally it was my part I start to do my own dance and did a backflip then the around off and start clapping and everybody was yelling are school name and having enjoy the cheer. And getting food while I jump in the air the some guy on my team. who got me he it was two guy one hand was on my left feet and other one on my right feet then. I boost then I did a twist while and then caught me then the zombie guys start to attack the other Who didn't have a zombie outfit on it was awesome.
I love it now it was time to see who was everybody was waiting meanwhile came are name. Me the girls started to screaming I was so proud of my team I was wish we can do it over again. I was thinking dancing in front all those people whiteout being