Personal Narrative: Treat Me Like Somebody

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Treat Me Like Somebody

Perception is considered to be everything, when environment changes so does the way people perceive you. Samuel Butler once said, “Let us be grateful to the mirror for revealing to us our appearance only.” Meaning that we only see what we think others see, but if a mirror looked past our appearance it would show that we all have beauties and flaws that are immeasurable; yet they are part of what makes us unique.
Being considered different is my biggest fear. I don’t want anyone to call attention to the things that I consider insecurities. The only reason that I consider them flaws is because I have been told that they are. My need to try to hide from being unique has caused me a lot of unnecessary pain. These
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While my sisters and I waited they both complimented me. I felt like a model from GQ magazine due to their comments. Flashing lights danced in the distance signaling that our school bus was only a short distance away. The bus pulled up to my sub division of huge cookie cutter houses and manicured lawns, the morning felt lazy, which was reminiscent of the atmosphere in New Orleans for most of the year. I go onto the bus and threaded my way up the aisle to my usual seat. This was yet another difference that I encountered. Back home I never had to catch the bus for school. My school was just a few blocks away so it was no use for one. I took my seat and immediately began my routine of playing my Gameboy for the duration of the 40-minute trip. We pulled up to Southwestern Elementary and my mood switched from calm and collected to nervousness with a hint of anxiety. This environment was all still new to me having only been here for 2 weeks I still was considered the new kid. Just as I reached the building I noticed a group of girls from my class. In a feeble attempt to avoid them I tried to act like I was intrigued by something in my backpack. Success. I narrowly escaped the prodding questions about where I was from, along with the begging to hear my accent. Who knows what they would ask for