Personal Narrative: Tycoon

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The day my dog left

I woke up this morning and brushed my teeth , then I heard this barking sound and I knew who that was . It was my dog , Tycoon! He could cheer me up at anytime . Tycoon is a black pug who could be pretty wild . Most of the time when we put him in our backyard , he would run away to our neighbor’s yard and they would bring him back to us . Me and my family potty trained him and we also tried to train Tycoon to not run away , but he would never listen to us even if we had dog treats . Later on in the day at 5 o’clock , we put Tycoon in our backyard , then all of a sudden , we hear a “ knock knock “ on the door and we knew what that meant . The neighbors had to bring Tycoon back AGAIN! I thanked the neighbors for always bringing him back and that I was sorry because this happened mostly every week .
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I looked at her with a surprised looked as my mouth dropped open because she knew that Tycoon was like my best friend and keep in mind , I was only 8 .

Then she started saying “ it's your decision because we know that he means a lot to you , but it takes a lot of responsibility to take care of a dog “ .

As I was thinking about it , I had to decide to keep him or give him away .

After a couple of hours , I walked up to my grandma and said “ I'm really gonna miss Tycoon but we should give him away to someone “