Personal Narrative: What's Our Final Crisis In The Classroom

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“Susana, is your part okay?” Alsace asked when Susana went back to the classroom.

“Ya, a bit difficult, but I still can handle it.” Susana replied honestly, but she did not further explain what difficulty she had faced.

Susana kept worrying about the situation of the Room 204 when she was at the neighboring classroom. Especially, thinking of Johnson, she could hardly focus herself on the examination. It was lucky that her set of paper was not too difficult. She even was appreciated for her creativity in the short speech.

“What happened? Is the conflict solved successfully and peacefully?” Susana asked Alsace, who stayed at the classroom.

“You could not expect any special element for the current result: Deal.” Alsace was not interested in
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“So, what’s our final decision?” Susana asked curiously.

“Could you see those numbers near the names of teachers on the blackboard? We have finished election, but unfortunately you are absent. The class committee members would go to invite teachers in priority according to the numbers of votes.” Alsace explained patiently.

“It’s good solution! Who suggest it?” Susana wondered.

“Thanks for Cara’s idea. Otherwise, we could not settle down the conflict before the end of the lesson. I need to continue my revision, chat with you later.” Alsace ended the conversation with Susana.

“He looks better now. I feel better too.” Susana thought. When she noticed that Johnson was chatting with other classmates normally again, she could put down her worry, which would be never known by him.

Susana then smiled to Cara, who was smiling to her from a long distance away. Susana was amazed at Cara’s effective problem-solving skills.

~ ~ ~

During the examination period, the school was quiet. Everyone was hard-working because they would like to test their performance after the whole-year study for all