Personal Narrative: Why I Hate Judging People

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All these questions were easy to me for the reason that I hate judging people on something that they could not choose such as skin color, ethnicity, race and appearance but I think it acceptable to judge people for their personality and behavior. However, if you going to judge someone basic on their personality or behavior you should not use stereotypes for example, you see a loud young black girl with her friends laugh you should not called her ghetto, ignorant, or uneducated. It infuriates me how people in our period still think it is okay to shout racial slurs at people they do not know or understand. I think that Racism is for the weak. People who are insecure about themselves in one way or another and need some way to make themselves feel special. Therefore, they convince …show more content…
I think people need to remember and learn we are all human and we are 99.9% identical with just a 0.1% difference which I learn from my biology class when I was a Prince George Community College. There were no questions that was difficult to answer because I not racist, sexist, ageist and I speak up against it for example my grandfather (my mother father) was born in the 1935 so he lives through many racist period and know a lot of racist term. So as a result, he sometime said thing that can come off as racist so I always correct him and tell him why it wrong and what he can say instead. I always remember him that there is nothing I hate more than a racist because he loves me with all his heart so I know that sentence will affect him on so many different levels that it will make him stop using those racist term and it did. I identify myself as a young heterosexuality Black woman because I hate the term African American. Who is a Christian that is full of love and acceptance not hatred, that is intelligent but also dyslexia, and Great, lovable and compassionating women. The identify that can cause oppression is black women, Christian and