Personal Narrative: Why I Love Spring Break

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Some people, like adults, dislike Spring Break because a lot of teenagers only go out and make careless mistakes. I actually love Spring Break because I get to catch up on my tv shows and my parents usually take us out on family trips. Spring break is a time where you can spend time with your family. For example, on Friday, we had early release, but I had gotten picked up earlier because my parents had a surprise for us. My family was taking me and my siblings and we were going to go to Houston. We left at twelve o'clock, and arrived at 7 o'clock. Consequently, I had fallen asleep the whole way. On Saturday morning we woke up very early and ate a great big breakfast. The hotel we stayed at had a breakfast buffet and I definitely loved it. We headed to a surprise trip that my parents had arranged for us. To our surprise, it was a gigantic dinosaur center. However, i felt that it was mostly for my little brother because there were many rides and arts and crafts for children. This had an effect on me because I really could not ride anything. …show more content…
For example, I finished a season and a half of the Bates Motel. Consequently, this show would make me stay up all night, but I would sleep all day. I also watched two movies that I never had the time to watch them, and they were Sing and Moana. I watched three hundred episodes of Rebelde for the third time. No teachers would bother me and as a result of this would be that I would sleep very much and I felt like I was in paradise. Therefore, as a result of the trips and the time that I spent at home, my spring break was pretty relaxing with no worries and I really loved it. In conclusion, Spring Break is a great time to relax and spend quality time with your family. I really loved everything that I was able to do and I believe that you should use your Spring Break wisely so that you enjoy