Personal Narrative Writing: The Hike Of Death On The Trails

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Gravel beneath my feet, tall green trees all around, and a gushing creek next to the trail. I was about to ascend on a trail that looked relatively effortless. At the beginning of the trail, the trail guide told me and the group that someone had died on this trail last week. I did not put much thought into the statement because this was a gravel trail and I had hiked mountains before. I was confident in myself because I had hiked mountains and was positive this trail would not be any different. Based on the beginning of the trail and it being gravel I thought it would even be simpler than the other trails I had hiked. At the beginning of the hike, I wondered how anyone could die on a gravel trail. My thoughts about this trail being an easy …show more content…
I realized that I was not going to finish this trail if I kept doubting myself, so I had to beat this trail psychologically. With my mantra of “one foot in front of the other,” I watched my footing so I would not die and I continued down the path. Then, I turned the hike into a competition and determination set in. I was competing with my body and mind. If I turned around, not only would I lose to the other hikers I would lose to my doubt and that would be a huge personal loss. With each step I took, determination finish this hike and I hoped this grueling trail was worth the pain. Water gushing from a 75-foot waterfall with a beautiful pool of water at the bottom and green full trees surrounding the area. I had never in my life been so happy that I didn’t quit and that I finished the task. The scene before me was mystical and I thought I was day dreaming. Standing before the most beautiful scenery I had laid my eyes on, I couldn’t believe I almost quit and did not finish the trail. “The Hike of Death” was hard, but worth the struggle to see something