Personal Narritive Essay

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My Brother “Hello,” he answered the phone in his strong voice. “Howdy brother,” I greeted him happily. “Hey Sis, how are you?” “I’m good. How’s work,” I asked trying to make conversation. “Great! You are now talking to the Vice President of the company,” he replied with enthusiasm. “Wow, that’s amazing,” I exclaimed. “Yea, well it’s nothing but hard work and dedication. Speaking of which how’s school?” “It’s going good. I really didn’t want to talk about that right now though,” I timidly replied. “Well, why not,” he asked confused. “I don’t know, I just- I got to go, bye,” I quickly commented, ending the conversation. I sat on my bed thinking for a while. Jake is 34 years old and is the Vice President of a company? This is fantastic! I always knew he was smart, but that is a huge accomplishment, especially for his age. Jake is not only successful, but he has a perfect family, also. I wonder if he was a good student in high school. He probably was. I walked to the kitchen where my dad was. “Hey dad, was Jake good in school?” “Oh, he was awesome,” he answered proudly. “He always had perfect grades and was a great basketball player. He was also one popular guy!” “Wow, he sounds almost perfect,” I commented sarcastically. “He almost was! You should try to be more like him, Amanda,” he insisted as he left the room. I felt my head throb. My heart sank, and my fingers went numb. Frustrated, I sat down thinking again. My dad always did this to me! I know he just wants me to be my best, but I do that all on my own, and being compared to Jake is a lot of pressure! Why can’t I just be good enough? I called Jake back. “Hello, Amanda?” Without greeting him, I said “Why are you so perfect? Why are you better than me at