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Personal Narrative
When I was in about the fourth grade I strive to be just like the other kids in my grade but I didn't feel the same as the other kids in my grade. I use to go to other classrooms rather than be with everyone else. I use to hate leaving the classroom and feeling like I never fit in or wasn't good enough like the other kids. I would always ask “why can’t I be with everyone else” or “why can’t I stay here?” the teacher would just tell me “we are going to learn in a different room for a while.” I would try to comprehend what she was saying but I couldn't really understand, they wouldn't give me a good explanation. As the year would go on my parents would always have meetings with my teachers to show how I was doing in school. I tried each and every day to try to understand what I would be learning that day. But I couldn't understand as well as the others. My parents found out later in the year I had a learning disability. From that point on my teachers and parents had to find a way to really get me to be able to learn the material. I know I didn’t know I had something wrong with me that age, but I knew that I struggled and I knew that my teachers were there to push me and help me succeed like the other kids. As I got older and went into higher grades I felt down, and I felt everyone didn’t think of me the same as everyone else. Some of my friends would ask “why do you leave the classroom?” “Who’s that lady?” I would reply with “I get help in school because I need a better understanding on how to do the work.” Then after I told one of my friends they would just look at me funny and didn’t really know what to say to me. But then I remembered to myself as I get older I’m going to show every one of those teachers I am just like everyone else and I can do the same material that day and I won’t struggle on trying to understand it.

Freshman year of high school came and I could finally do more things on my own. I was making all straight A’s and making Honor roll, perfect attendance, and I even got a 4.0 GPA or higher. I felt like I have accomplished a lot of goals that