Personal Nursing Philosophy Essay

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Philosophy of Nursing The word nursing might mean different to each person. But to me, Nursing denotes Knowledge, Advocacy, Health promotion, Flexibility, a gift and a calling to service. I have been blessed with the opportunity to build a career out nursing thirteen years ago back in Africa, which I diverted to Pharmacy Technology. I had a second chance this time in United State, yet I selected to do pharmacy again until I had a cesarean section and the nurse who took care of me showed me kindness and compassion. I finally accept my calling and I desire to use my skill to give back to my community. However, there is much more to nursing, as a whole and throughout this paper I will be discussing my own personal nursing philosophy, …show more content…
As a nurse I must know my diseases and disease processes. I should be able to apply my classroom knowledge and skills to the workplace in order to be effective as a nurse. Just taking the nursing exam and passing it does not imply that I will be effective at applying it in the health care setting. Therefore, I believe that application of knowledge is much more essential. Secondly, I believe that being a nurse means being an advocate for the patient. Very soon, I will be require as a nurse to explain to my patients what is likely to happen and the reasons for tests or procedures, and translate medical terminologies into a language that my patient can understand. Providing my patient with education and emotional support will help them make sense of what is happening and can promote healing.
Thirdly, as a nurse I need to take a closer look at my society and the main health care issues affecting the people. Be an active observer of health problems my patients present with and the leading causes of death in the community that relate to lifestyle choices, this will enable me to provide wellness care to the population, instead of treatment orientated care to my patient. This means, as a nurse, I should be encouraging immunizations, screening and early interventions such as education to reduce the number of patients presenting with these conditions and illnesses. With health promotion not only will I help reduce