Personal Nursing Theory Essay

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While doing research on many different nursing theories, it has allowed me to reflect on what I would like for my personal nursing theory philosophy to be. It's difficult to come up with one nursing theory that encompasses all of what I think. During my research I found three different theories, with three different theory models, that spoke to my personal nursing theory. The first one came from Katherine Kolcaba and her theory of comfort, the second from Phil Barkers and his tidal model of nursing, in the last from Helen Erikson's model and role modeling theory. Each one of these theorist has unique qualities within their theories which assisted me to make my own.
To me, nursing is a mixture of taking care of the ill, preventing sickness in the healthy, assisting those to comfort in their final days, providing a thorough explanation of what is being
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With all of these qualities that make up nursing, there are different areas that a nurse can specifically focus on to assist society to a common goal. Allowing for nurses to focus on their own theory, along with their own qualities of what a nurse is, can lead to a well-informed educated individual providing the best care that they are able to.
The most important characteristics that I feel a nurse should have come from the three different theorist that I spoke of earlier; Katherine Kolcaba, Phil Barkers, and Helen Erickson. In Kolcaba theory there are three main components that describe comfort relief, ease, and transcendence. Giving pain medications to a patient provides relief so they are able to get some comfort from the pain. Taking the time to sit down and talk with a patient and listen to them can provide ease; which in turn provides comfort. Rising above a patient challenges provides transcendence to that individual. In Barkers theory he has ten commitments for nurses, two of which speak to my nursing