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Historical Essay

The Olympic Games have been used countless times as a political tool, especially to lend one's nation global publicity. This is seen both through the use of the games as an option by governments, political pressure groups and terrorists. In many cases, the political events surrounding the games have overshadowed the sporting achievements of the game themselves.

The 1938 Olympic Games, were intentionally awarded to Germany so the republic could show that it had regained its status among European countries. With the Nazis in power, Adolf Hitler and his loyal assistant, Joseph Goebbels, used the event as a platform to prove his theory of the Nazi's having racial superiority. Throughout the entire event and especially the opening ceremony, Swatstikas were placed everywhere to compel the entire world to believe his new race was the embodiment of perfection. However, Hitler's strategy was failed by African-American, Jesse Owens, who became the spotlight of the Games winning four gold medals. Media footage relayed to the world how spectacular this upset was. At the time of these games, racial segregation was still legal in the USA. This meant that Jesse Owens could not travel with, eat with, or sleep next to his teammates, yet he was still expected to represent his country. Even when he returned home as an international hero, he was not treated equally compared to Whites. One might consider this the ultimate irony that the only time Jesse competed free from a legalized system of segregation was during his Olympic experience in Nazi Germany.

Because the Olympics is an enormous event where the action is broadcasted around the world, one can use such a platform to their advantage and advocate his or her beliefs. At the games in Mexico City in 1968, two American athletes spoke out against racial segregation and provided visual support for the Black Power movement while being awarded medals for the 200-meter race.

Although having the games in one's nation are meant to embody pride and patriotism, it could falsely show the nations economic levels. For example, the next Olympic Games is going to be in Rio and many civilians of…