Short Story: You Wanted A Bedtime Story

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.:You wanted a bedtime story.

...I hope this counts:.

.:Tribus mulieribus reddidit ipse mihi conscius animus,

cor meum diligit me,

hoc quod mihi esset,

est totum quod rebus:.


By Giovanni Garcia


.:In which a decision is made, rules and bottles, and I finally find a place to start my story. The whole story, the true story:. All was silent, the only sound was the sad sermon of the crickets. And as silence was where it began, it too, was where it ended. To begin Once upon a time... would not fit in this story because it didn't happen once. That word, that word. The word once sounds like betrayal, looks like a regret, and tastes like blood coming out of my mouth. Once says something lost, forgotten, or wished it was. Once used to be an ivory door in my imagination that led into the blissful ignorance and blind awareness of a beginning. Now, the very thought of it weighs me down like rain, and only says: I guess this is goodbye... I wish you luck, you're gonna need it. I've grown in many ways, and one way I have grown is to hate that word as it hates me. While hate is a strong word, I have discovered once can be just as strong. That one word made me want to poison the world and die with it, and while I didn't kill the world, it killed mine. There is only one word that has mocked me more, and that word was the only one I thought that could be mine. This may not seem like me, for I usually don't speak of such pernicious philosophy, but my life wasn't written in pencil, it was written in invisible ink. Meaning, I have nothing left of much worth to show of my problems I have been through, but the bittersweet thoughts of the (hel)p of my actions, a broken nose, and a flower. Despite what I lost in obtaining these things, in a selfish, twisted way the flower was worth it. How I got it? Why is it so important? Ill tell you, and tell you, and tell you. All you have to do is listen. So sit down my dear, and let me tell you my story.
I know you'll like it.
I know I did.
There wasn't a single cloud in the sky peppered with little stars, and moon shone brightly giving the street a gray light. Prescott boulevard was still, as if in freeze frame, the only change was the flickering of a dying streetlight halfway down the road. The air that night was cool and clean, and after a day in Mission Gorge, one felt like they could finally breathe. The street was only peaceful at night, when most people were sleeping, and they awoke to rejoin the bustling rat race once more. If one didn't stay up and see the city at night, one could not imagine the place quiet. Helix Veserá watched the light's struggle with mild interest from the porch, and after a while guessing the lamp was going to not give up anytime soon and die slowly he sighed and walked over to the wall. He leaned against the wall, dug in his pocket and pulled out a pack of cigarettes and started to smack the sides of the box. The door opened and Shane Walker leaned outside, he saw Helix and came outside. “Mind if I join you?” He said looking around and sat on the porch rail without waiting for an answer. Helix shrugged, “sure this is your pad anyway.” Helix answered while still hitting the pack of cigarettes. Shane watched Helix continue to compress the box and raised his eyebrows. “I think you packed your ciggs enough” he said grinning, Helix hit the box once more with finality and pulled one out. “Naw you know me, I don't want much, but I want my cancer, and I want to have it fast,” He scrutinized his cigarette before putting it in his mouth, “can I have a light?” he asked through his teeth and put out his hand. Shane smiled, “sure man, just be careful with it, it's worth more than money.” He handed Helix a gold lighter, which Shane must have taken great care of it, for it shone cleanly as if recently