Personal Philosophy Of Leadership

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Unlike many mathematicians, I live in an irrational world. I feel that my life is defined by a sure amount of irrationalities that are too frequent. Making it through a day requires challenging problem cracking, and this constant exposure has made me much better at adapting to them than previously. You can relate this to one of my heavier extracurricular activities, Thespians. When working on a scene for a performance there are many conflicts, whether it be inconsistency with behavior, awkward pacing, or misunderstanding of the material. We keep working on the piece until its performance ready, which to us means perfection. The strive for perfection has fueled me to achieve in many facets. A tremendous amount of care and effort is put into these, and I will give the same exertion to matters in leadership. I am actively involved in other clubs such as, Sophomore Class Council and NSHSS, and am eager to give plenty of my time for the purposes of Leadership. There is a camp in Apopka, FL called Camp Wewa. Here there is a leadership program for striving campers called the LIT program which I’ve been in for two years now; it stands for leader in training. This agenda means that I have literally been trained in the art of leadership, convenient I know. At this camp many values are taught like responsibility, honesty, and caring, putting emphasis on moral building. They are also big on acceptance no matter what background everybody is treated with same overwhelming kindness,