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Personal Reflection 1
Name: Zhi Ling Liew Student number: 500551761

Today’s class was really interesting and enlightening about the issues of homelessness. I feel that I’m actually closer to being homeless if I don’t have the supporting network I have in my life. The youth I see wandering around the street can really be me if my family is unable to provide me the basic needs., for example, a home. It’s unbelievable the things we take for granted in our day-to-day life.
Knowing that 60% of the population in Canada is living pay cheque by pay cheque was truly frightening. It reinforced the idea I learn today in class that anybody could actually be that nobody if he or she loses her job and have no income. The names and stereotype the society has for the homeless people I think it’s a way people like to separate themselves in terms of a social economic hierarchy. The homeless being at the lowest level of the hierarchy and they occupy the higher level of the hierarchy. I used to think that homeless people choose to be homeless because their lazy and they want to leech on the social welfare. I believe my negative stereotype towards homeless people comes from the media and my cultural background. My parent’s work hard to support the family and therefore I see being homeless is a choice.
When I first saw Stephanie in class, I was confused. I asked myself why is a transgender in the class. I did not realize that transgender could be homeless because their family disowns them