Personal Reflective Essay: The Writing Process

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The writing process did prepare me to write the research paper and the way we took everything step by step took off the pressure about the research paper. After going through the evaluation, summary, and reading the sources about the topic, I learned that writing the paper was smooth, and I did not have a difficult time writing the paper. Evaluating the sources helped me write more about my topic and it also helped me dig deep into the topic. I did not like the writing process at first but as I went along with it, I learned that I got a lot of information from it. The first day of class you said we have to write 7-10 pages of research paper at the end of the course. I was freaking out and I thought to myself that there was no way I could …show more content…
I learned that cyber-bullying takes so many things way from teenagers than just their privacy and peace. It destroys human beings and their homes, and they cannot run from it because of the advance technology we have today. I also learned that many parents do not know if their children are being bullied online because they do not monitor their actions online. Many parents also do not know how to handle cyber-bullying because they had never been bullied before. I had a problem with the first draft because it was hard for me to write the draft in my own word. I went back to re-read the articles and put all the information in my own word. I found citations inside the paper difficult to insert in the paper, and I solved this problem by using our textbook. Transition was one of the problems that I had encountered in the process of writing this paper. I used Purdue University Online Lab (OWL) site to help me with the transition. I am most proud of myself for writing this paper in my own words without plagiarizing. I have never written a research paper like this before because I usually copy and paste someone else idea when I did a research paper in high school. I did the best I could and I gave it all that I have. There is anything I would have done differently. I will carry the writing process with me everywhere I go