Personal relationship to literature Essay

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My relationship with literature used to be for pleasure instead of intellectual. Now I primarily read business journals, legal texts for my line of work or for school. Personally, no matter the ambition, I pick up the meaning from text by what the author says and how he or she says it. John Grisham was a favorite fictional writer and also the only author who I had chosen to read a book twice because he is very talented with the descriptions of each setting as he narrated the plot )related to our text this is associated to ‘stimulation of imagination' (Clugston, R.W. 2010). Ten years later, in the early stages of my life long career, I have discovered that the more I read and write the better my ability to communicate and taken more seriously; and I have drifted to reading less fiction and more about educating myself. Our text asserts that there are 6 areas that literature contributes to our lives: Restoration of the past, stimulation of imagination, glorification of a common place, perturbation of emotion, upholding of a vision, and observation of human nature (Clugston, R. W. 2010).
My interpretation of literature is anything that is recorded in linguistics and shares information (telling a story / information) - this to me, is literature. Be it John Grisham with a 400 page narrative, or a 50 page text by Seth Godin that is a compilation of manifestos. Literature is recorded information used in place of speaking. As such, I believe this is a universal understanding whereby everyone can share the same…