Personal Responibilities Essay

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Personal Responsibilities

Personal Responsibilities
Lisa Lozano
December 14, 2013
Gen 200
Professor Reginal Miller

Personal responsibilities play a big part in college success such as time management, setting goals, successful friends and family members. It includes balancing home, work, family and social life to be successful in achieving a degree. Successful people have found it helpful to use a journal, desk top calendar and dividing their home responsibilities with their partners. Procrastination and self-doubt can at times hinder a student’s success but they can prevent this from happening if they simply learn to “Change your mind” (Ellis, 2011, Chapter 50).
Students can use a journal and desk top calendar to manage their time wisely. They can write down when their assignments are due on both and carry the journal where ever they go. Considering the fact that life can get busy with work, school, and family, students can forget a lot of things that are due, but if they simply write down their assignment they can better manage their time. Having the desk top calendar will be useful considering that every time they sit down to do their homework they can simply glance at it and know what they need to work on next. They will not have to rely on going through the syllabus every time to see what is do and when.
In this journal they can also write down their own personal appointments for the week or month. Some students tend to work long hours at work and using a journal will help them be responsible by keeping their appointments. They can also write down a “to do list” without having to rely on just memory. Students have to be flexible about time management even when using a journal because certain events can happen that are out of their control.
Students that return to school after a long period of time and even a short period of time can be a time of adjustment. Some students will notice they don’t have time to be social with friends. Students come to terms with this idea and this is part of being a responsible student. Good friends will notice that their “student friends” are not around as often but will be understanding of their time and commitment to their success.
When the student has small kids, they will see that during their journey in school it will not always be happy and easy times. They may even at times have to make their kids sad and cry because they don’t have the time to spend with them. Responsible students know and understand that in the end this is all being done for their future as well.
Being around family or friends that have completed their degrees and working in a successful career is living proof that what they are doing is worth every sacrifice. Their life styles may be different from the one they are currently living. Seeing them travel to different vacation spots and even out of the country can be a great motivating factor as well as seeing them purchase multiple properties and better vehicles. A student can also achieve these goals if they set their mind to being successful in school. Reports on Salary Survey state that “Analysts for the bureau found that employees that were 18 or older who received a bachelor’s degree earned an average of $51,206 a year during 2003, the most current year with complete wage statistics” (2005) Report on Salary Survey.
Students that understand that graduating from college with their degree will put them in a better position of being able to apply for jobs they may not necessarily qualify at this time will be able to utilize their personal responsibilities to help them achieve their goals. They will be more