Personal Responsability Essay

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Personal responsability
Personal responsibility means carrying out your own purpose, making that one promise to yourself and following through with it so that your life in all areas can be complete without complications. While attending school possessing this quality is very important to succeed in school. Personal responsibility is taking responsibility for your own actions and knowing what is right or wrong for yourself.
Personal responsibility is necessary for college success because it creates a back-bone for what your about to accomplish. Class-time, studying, class mates, and teachers all need some sort of special attention, a time for just that one thing and to do you would need a promise; a promise to yourself to be and do the best that you can. First and foremost is to figure out you weaknesses what have you learned from past experiences. We all learn from our experiences which then takes you to different places in life and that starts from the taking responsibility for your own actions. We have to set goals and rules and promises to make all things work, but we also need to know what is most important than the other. With this the responsibility of it all comes into play.
Playing something over again in your head, re-evaluating the situation to come to a conclusion of why and how you can do better. When we do badly on a test we usually beat ourselves up for it, wanting to know why. Well the first question would be, “how long did I study, where my time really was spent?” the next could be, “what techniques did I use that may have not worked and what could have worked that I did not use?” another could be, “how my health could be affecting these results? “Or “what outside influences are affecting me to pass this test?” Once these could be answered than it is time to lay it all out on the table; to make a plan for you to succeed in college, taking responsibility for your results, and knowing that you can change this all yourself with the promise of personal responsibility.
Becoming a Master Student Thirteenth edition discusses such things; In Ch. 2 the book then discusses time and how to evaluate where your time is spent and were your time should go. As I said before, when getting a poor grade on a test and we need to know, why? well here are some ways you can better spend your time and use different ways to study. To start you would need to evaluate where your time is spent throughout the day and into your week, pg. 69 has technique to do such things, this being a pie chart. From what I read with in Ch. 2 I gathered that being able to see where most of your time is spent you could then prioritize your time into categories and figure out what needs to limited and where you need to spend more time on.
Another good idea in Becoming a Master Student is on page 76, which goes over procrastination, but let’s look at the facts. Brian A Wilson. Belonging to Tomorrow: An Overview of Procrastination… this journal entry goes over” the underlying causes of procrastination as delineated by the most current research” and I just want to review some statistics I found within the journal. According to this journal “80-95% of college students engage in procrastination,” this is according to some of the research done for this journal (p212).
But why? This being the question that was asked by many scientists, and was given much thought into with “having some 621 sources to comb for information,” (pg. 211). One study was that “General Procrastination Scale (GP). This scale examines behavioral procrastination tendencies, that is, delays in the start of completion of everyday tasks (pg. 212).” As stated in the journal, “this study found that for delayed past tasks, procrastinators were more likely to see the task as difficult, not enjoyable and as a task that required a larger amount of effort. As well, procrastinators were more likely to state that they lacked clarity in how to complete the task. However, if they had completed